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Make election Night-Pizza Night

Today is one of the most important dates in our history.  Yes, it’s election day 2016 and we have a civic duty and responsibility to get out and vote.  There has been a lot of excitement, disappointment, unconcern, and just plain old “I’m ready to move on,” syndromes.

This election will be one of the most memorable of all times.  It’s been an election like no other.

I thought the election 8 years ago was huge–and it is, but this one will definitely go down in the record books.

Make peace and send a pizza to a friend and watch the election results come in – Dominos Pizza Gift Cards – E-mail Delivery

We must exercise our vote, not for a particular person, but for the principles they hold.  This means you must research and cast your vote accordingly.

Forget about what you’ve  heard in the media, forget about what your friends have posted on social media.  In order for your vote to count, you must get to the polls and vote for the principle issues and what each leader stands for.

Send a Pizza to a Friend

When everything is over and the polls have closed, then you can sit back and accept whatever happened.  God is in control and OUR next move is simply to pray for our leaders.  The bible tells us to pray for those in leadership positions.

So, whether it be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, we must concede and we must pray for our country to be healed.

Our country is very sick right now and we don’t need the sickness to continue festering.  We must take control of ourselves and congratulate the victor.

Nevertheless, get out and vote.

We love you and We love the United States of America.  We are ONE NATION UNDER GOD.

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