Will Smith”s Actions Cost many people their Jobs – The Big Picture

The talk of the town is The Oscar’s 2022. This will be one of the most historic moments in the American history.

No matter how many crocodile tears were shed with his pathetic apology (that didn’t include Chris Rock) , Will Smith did what he did and that can’t change.

I don’t want to sound uncaring, but I don’t.

I feel the slap was way out of line and this damage can’t be undone. I used to LOVE Will Smith. I was so upset when I heard he was getting married to his first wife. Nevertheless, I remained a loyal fan of his throughout his career and my life.

However, I am forever changed by “The Slap,” that rung all over rthe world. Millions of people saw this either the night of the Oscar’s or days after. I can’t turn on the TV or pick up my phone without seeing a repeat show of that very night

Will Smith did something condescending and out of the ordinary. Something snapped in the seemingly kind “Fresh Prince of Be Air” star. I can only picture the joking, laughing. Will Smith. I can’t phantom anyone different, prior to what I actually saw in the moment.

He sacrificee his reputation, legacy, freedom, character, and his honor for what ?

However, amongst all the rhetoric, comments, blog posts etc. I have yet to read anything about the aftermath of what Smiths behavior has and will cause.

Our Actions Matter

What turmoil has this 5 minutes of fame caused? Smith NOT only caused himself embarrassment, loss of upcoming projects, but now 10 years away from the Awards ceremoney, etc.

All of the absence and the 10 year Academy band equal lost money. Not only does it mean lost revenue for Will, but also lost salaries for many people.

This ugly senseless act will cause other people to not have jobs to feed their families as well. Deals, bookings, movies, social media, ALL of these avenues put people to work. Now !! ALL of these would-be people won’t have jobs. This has caused Hollywood to lose a lot of cash flow. Smith pumps a lot of money into the industry.

Our actions don’t just affect us. They affect everyone around us. Think before you do !

To add insult to injury , these innocent hard working people, who need jobs don’t have millions they are sitting on to tie them over until their next big movie loke Smith does.

People have lost jobs in an economy that is trying to RECOVER from 2 years of the carona virus. (COVID 19) Some people still haven’t recovered.

Smith should have many other repercussions than banning him from the Oscar’s for the next 10 years. Smith’s people had him to put in his resignation to the Academy before the Academy could get ahold of releasing him. Smart move to his TEAM. You guys knew what he had coming to him. It’s a good “let’s get in front of it” moment. There wasn’t anything else to do, but that. Smith had the gun and pulled the trigger in front of millions of people in several countries.

He is guilty as charged.

To All of those people who are on Smiths side “Sham on you!” I think differently of you too. I’m sure you all don’t care, but if I feel this way then I know lots of other people feel this way too.

I’m shocked to hear Megan thee Stallion say “shout out to Will.” And you wanted us to feel sorry for you when you accused Tory of shooting you in the foot. Come on ! This is a sorry attitude.

Also, Kevin Hart, I’m ashamed of his comment. He simply kept repeating ow Will Slapped the “s%$/ out of Chris Rock while laughing and stating that he needed to talk to both them. SMH to both of you. Karma is a Mother.

In closing, I simply wanted to address something that I haven’t read in the media. I feel bad for the people that have lost money and jobs because of Will Smiths loss of control. Who cares what Chris Rock said.


Here is a snippet of the person Will Smith bullied. Bullies always know what type of person they are bullying. They have a gift to k ow just who to act out on


Here is a short list of all the people that lost money because of Smiths loss of human compassion and control.

Actors, directors, agents, managers, producers, camera crew, Netflix staff and execs, accounting staff, payroll staff, costume crew, all industry people & personnel.

I’m ashamed of you Mr. Smith

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