Why you should always TIP at restaurants

Today’s article is very dear to my heart and I hope it’s compelling to you after you read it too.

My son works at a restaurant as a server to get hospitality experience. (Culinary Arts major)

Did you know they only make $2.13 p/hr: They depend on YOU for tips in many restaurants.

On top of everything they are required to give 3% of their tips to the bar and the busers.

Many people leave without tipping?

Do you? If so, why?

Servers make less than minimum wage.

If your order is wrong, if you wait too long, etc ; you have to look at the big picture.

There are many factors that go into the process of obtaining your order before it reaches your table and the server IS NOT 100% liable.

If you are that disgruntled, leave less of a tip, but -0- is not right when we get in a $20K+ car, with a $100K+  job, a $160K+ house &  servers are depending on us to help them make the rest of their money to support themselves. This is appalling to me. We sit in a cushy restaurant & make special requests then just walk out NOT tipping…What’s up America?

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