We All Use Toilet Paper

Recently my husband and I had a chance to visit our son who is a children’s pastor in another state. Something happened that made my mom heart burst with pride. As usual we were introduced to many different people, but there was one person our son seemed more eager for us to meet. He went out of his way to call us over to meet someone who seemed special to him.

“Jose, these are my parents!”

Jose was walking by in a hurry carrying toilet paper. Clearly one of his job duties was to maintain the bathrooms. Jose was extremely welcoming but had a difficult time communicating with us because English was not his first language.

Watching my son, it was obvious he interacted with everyone the same regardless of his or her status or title. He treated everyone equally.

Many treat people as merely steps as a means to advance their status or career. People who can help one get ahead are treated one way, and those who offer little by way of advancement are treated entirely different. I’ve witnessed people in positions of power treating those who hold “lower” positions with complete disregard and or utter rudeness.

As a pastor’s wife often I see two separate personalities in people, one when they are talking to me, and another when they are talking to my husband.

Really? Give me a break! Get a better life. Geez!

Who you are as a person gives you value, not your accomplishments or what you do. We are all children of the King. Created by God. All of us entered the world naked and we will all face God when we die.

A title does not make you a better person.

Often times the people who have had the greatest impact on me were those without any significant title. Wisdom comes in the form of unsuspecting people.


The person fixing your computer may become your boss next year. Once when I went on an interview the guy mopping the floor in the lobby turned out to be the decision-making executive. I was so glad I had been polite to him when I asked a question on my way in.

The level of kindness you display to all people will reveal your true identity.

True godly character can be measured by the way you treat others.

No matter who they are. And that my friends, is why I feel so proud of my son today, he is a man of true character who shows kindness to all people.

“Therefore, however you want people to treat you, so treat them.” –Matthew 7:12


Lucille Williams, is a wife of 32 years, a mom, and the Family Theatre Director at Shepherd Church.  Lu’s husband is the Children’s Pastor at Shepherd Church in Porter Ranch, California.  Her focus is God first, then her family.  Lu loves writing and making new friends.  She has written a book that’s soon to be published.  In Lu’s blog, she discusses topics such as: marriage, parenting, health, and fitness.

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