Warning about Selfie Lice

th (19)Young children and teens are in love with taking Selfies.  Not only are the kiddos loving selfies, but they are very popular with adults as well.  I recently saw a story on the news about Kim Kardashian.  Kim has a book coming out entitled “Kim Kardashian Selfish
It’s a book of Selfie photos of her that have been the most popular on social media and the one’s that she personally likes.  Kim talks about the book being a bit Selfish, but that just what selfies are all about — YOU

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Well, this article isn’t about Kim Kardashian, but I saw this story this morning and you know us moms/women, one thing brings on a thought about another thing.

The meat of my article is about how kids are getting “SELFIE LICE” from other kids.  UGH,  that just turned a FUN situation into a horrible nightmare.

They kids are transmitting lice from one person to the other because when they are taking selfies they are putting their heads together and the LICE is jumping off of one persons head to the other persons head and VOILA – – LICE eggs are being transmitted.

Make sure you discuss this with your children and talk with them about protecting themselves from obtaining lice from other children at school or anywhere.

I’ve never had lice in my life, but I hear it is not a fun thing at all.

I thought I should pass on this information to all of my momsonthego and dadsonthego

Be Careful taking SELFIES because you don’t want to get that nasty LICE BUG



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