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(Also: Safeway & Pavilions)

Click here to Download Vons App for FREE – IOS

Click here to Download Vons App – IPAD (FREE)

The Vons grocery store App provides continued updates on coupons,  sales,  products,  and more.

You can view the site to see if you have this grocery store chain in your area.

We found this App to be very good and it’s updated frequently so that the customer can be up to date with the savings.

The day that we were most focused on  for using our Vons App was based on their Friday sales.

For example:
If your family eats cereal you definitely know an expense you can encounter purchasing cereal.  Cereal is not cheap.   These days most cereals cost almost $5 a box.

This past Thursday I looked at my Vons App and noticed the store was going to have a $1.99 sale on certain cereals.  They also had a sale on Quaker Oat Bars 2 for $5.

I put the items in my App CART with the mobile App and on Friday we went into the store to try and save some money.

We put our groceries on the conveyor and the cashier rang everything up.

Our total order came to $35 then I put in my Vons card number and the price want down to $18. Wow ! !  What a savings.

The Vons App is a terrific app to help manage and maximize your grocery store savings.

Get the App – its FREE


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