True Story Men who cheat

This week I read a disheartening post from a friend who found out her husband was cheating on her.

She hid this news in shame for over a year. I’m sure she was embarrassed for people to find out.

In public, their lives seemed romantic and almost perfect.

Behind clothes doors, there were things going on that no one knew about.

It’s a sad story that we hear about so many times. A situation that seems to be ” The perfect couple.”

They look so happy. They both have been previously married, but this time was different. This time it’s for keeps. They each learned their lessons and now they want to make a fresh start.

So, I wonder, “what went wrong?” Why did this marriage go south? Was it her fault or was it his fault? It takes two to tango, right? Right.

Remember, there are 3 sides to the truth:

  1. His
  2. Hers
  3. Truth

I don’t want to pick sides because I don’t know what really happened.  I know she feels very hurt and betrayed.  I don’t know how he’s feeling being that  he’s the one that moved from one person to the other without skipping a beat.

I know part of the wife’s healing was posting on social media and basically coming out of the closet.

No more guilt, no more shame. 😔

The devil 👹 can’t keep a hold on you if you expose the darkness.

Once the light 🔦 is cast upon the dark, you’re free to move about.

Men who cheat are idiots. Yep, I said it. Women who cheat are idiots.

No one should ever cheat. There’s no reason for it. NONE !

If one person feels unfulfilled then they should be adult enough to discuss it. If nothing can be done, then move on.

If you’re married 👰then I suggest you try to make it work. Do you remember standing in front of someone, making an allegiance “til death do you part?” Well, that sounds pretty permanent to me.

Marriage 🤵isn’t about making you happy😁.  Marriage is work. Marriage is not selfish.

There world we live in, is so quick to make an exit when they feel they aren’t happy. Well boo hoo ! Cry me a river !

You are the only one that can make you happy 

Have you seen Will Smith’s latest instagram video about being happy? (Hope it’s still out there) If not, it’s a must see.

I don’t always agree with Will & Jada’s relationship & parental advice, but this is pretty decent advice.

Side Note

For this article let’s talk about the man who cheats on the woman because this is the current scenario.

Cheaters usually have low self esteem. I’m serious–They do. They will lie to one person and talk bad about the innocent person to make the side chic, in this case, feel like they are on top of the world.

Some men feel inadequate about something in their lives, so they look for or somehow, happen to be found by a disparaging woman who thinks she can solve his problems.

Cheer up, its probably nothing you did wrong.

These 5 things never solve problems:

  1. Sex
  2. Lust
  3. Drugs
  4. Alcohol
  5. Other people

If there is a problem in a marriage, no one outside the marriage can solve a problem inside that marriage, because they have no idea what’s really going on.  Heck, I’m sure the wife has no idea the husband is dissatisfied.

Women, if you meet a man and he starts talking bad about his girlfriend,  ex-wife, or current wife, then you better start taking notes.

He’s probably done this before and it will come back to bite you in the butt. These are tell tale warning signs of trouble down the road.

What makes you think you are that good to where he won’t do you like he did the others? Nothing you’re doing is that different. Your bedroom activities are not new creations.  You didn’t invent the wheel, you’re simply a different wheel for the time being.

Don’t set yourself up to fail because you will fail when jumping from one relationship without closing out the first.

Anyone who is in a monogamous relationship should make a point to keep their eyes focused straight ahead.

As my pastor used to say, “RUN!” 🏃 You have to make a point of fleeing the enemy.

Anyone who attempts to flirt with anyone who’s married is the enemy ☠.

The devil 👺prowls around like a thief in the night looking for those he can devour. The devil comes in many forms, including that of a beautiful seductive woman.

Don’t get caught up in a series of betrayals and lies.

You are too good to settle.

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