Traveling by Truck

Sometimes you might have to travel by Truck,  right? So, how do you prepare or what should you bring to make your trip smooth and headache-free?

We often travel by Truck.  Whether we are on a business,  family, or personal trips, we are prepared. 

What to do:

  1. First, Check the weather forecast
  2. Start packing early (so you won’t forget simple things)
  3. Check tire levels

What to bring:

  1. Large heavy duty trash bags.  Just in case it starts to rain.
  2. Heavy duty rope or ties in case you need to tie something  down.  I.e furniture, luggage, or appliances
  3. Extra car charger (It’s best to pick up a dual charger for the driver and passenger..
  4. Heavy duty tape
  5. Snacks (so you don’t have to pull over and purchase high priced, non healthy food.)
  6. Small cooler with ice
  7.  1 case of water (still thinking healthy)
  8. Flash light (extra batteries)
  9.  Throw cover in case it gets cold
  10.  First Aid kit (bandaids,  gause, ointment,  & alcohol swabs)
  11. Extension cord (some hotels won’t have accessible outlets near the bed so this will come in handy –trust me.
  12. Mini household tools for common repairs.
  13. Jumper cables

Most hotels include house necessities like irons,  blow dryers, etc.  Just make sure by visiting the hotel website or calling so you won’t have to pack unnecessary items.

This is a small list of things you can be almost certain to use on your road trip.

Stay tuned for more Summer travel tips.

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