What an immense power seldom used.  Thinking takes what we don’t know, compares it to what we do know and creates a brand new batch of new know.  It takes an idea and leans on it, exploits it, looks at it from every angle without scaffolding and then supplies awesome understanding.  Thinking is its own reward.  Thinking is the gateway to the heart…as a man thinks, so is he.

Thinking can be deliberate, random, playful, soulful.  It reaches down into the fabric of the soul and creates something that wasn’t there before.  Thinking can pick you up or tear you down.  Extraordinary people are just ordinary people who do extraordinary thinking.


Thinking reminds us there is still life.  Thinking is the most involuntary of the body reflexes.  If you don’t think so, try to stop thinking.  It is the only part of our body that gets tired if it’s not working. Thinking  causes us to understand not just the surface of ‘how’ but see the face of ‘why’.  Thinking can go on an all expense paid vacation anytime it wants.  Thinking can take a rock and turn it into a pet –and make money at it.

Thinking can be stinking, but the person who dwells there is the loser.  Why waste a mind on things that don’t build up or are unimportant when there is so much more to life.

Thinking is the one thing that is uniquely us.  We don’t like other people to tell us what we are thinking; even if they are right.  Start more sentences with ‘I think’ and fewer offenses will be taken.

Thinking digs deeper to find the solution few dive for.  Thinking is unshackled by words and so it moves at warp speeds. Thinking is self developing, for those who know themselves think about their thinking.  They think about the drivers of their behavior, their fears, their fantasies.  Thinking has a big brother named faith.  When these two get together, impossible things happen.

Thinking can always go deeper.  Think about it.


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