The online Buying power of Women 

Women are no longer the minority when it comes to major purchasing power.  Women make most of the decisions for just about every product including the most marketplace purchases, automotive, electronics, and insurance.


Moms on the Go is focused on helping your brand connect with the busymom market. We don’t want to forget the fact that more dads are into purchasing products such as music, auctioneering, and computer hardware.

“In fact, only three online purchase categories are driven more by men than women: music, auctions, and computer hardware.

Most women feel that brands almost predominately consider them for only cleaning and beauty products.   Therefore, company’s that sell products such as apps, makeup and household cleaning supplies have major growth opportunity of catapulting their brands to new heights.

According to an article written by Inc Magazine, “women currently control $13 trillion of the world’s $18.4 trillion in consumer spending. And with more women working and an ever-narrowing wage gap, women’s influence over shopping decisions should continue to increase.”  Statistical credit – (

So, if you are in business and you want to reach a market that’s growing at a very fast past then you will want to bookmark “Moms on the Go” to find out just which products and services our moms are searching for in today’s economy.   

Moms don’t have time to waste on trying figure out what products work and which ones do not work.

We are here to discern and tell just what makes a good product or service so our moms can be on the GO a lot quicker.

We also provide tutorial video’s along with our blog posts to show you how to use certain apps or products.

Moms On The Go will always strive to be one of the TOP leading websites for busy moms.  If you are a mom or dad and you are interested in the products and services that will help you organize your busy life then you have landed at the right place.

Sit back and enjoy the world of Moms On The Go Experience

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