Thanking doesn’t require much thinking. It’s simply expressing appreciation. It is gratitude with an attitude. It is a gift both to sender and to the receiver. Thanking sends a positive spin toward all it eventually touches. Thanking begins with an overflowing heart. One that is grateful for the little and that much more for the big. Thanking is cultivated out of the soil of humility. It treats each breath as a gift. It looks at trials as an opportunity to grow. To learn something new. To get closer to the one you care about.

Thanking is a muscle that must be exercised or it will atrophy and die. And woe to the one whose life is empty of thank. For it will eventually be filled with the opposite. Thanking is the antidote for resentment. You can’t hold a grudge and be thanking at the same time.

Thanking can start with yourself. When you appreciate you, you tend to respect others. Thanking doesn’t cost anything worth losing, yet it deposits worth beyond measure. If a life lacks thanking, it need only begin realizing that life itself is an undeserved gift. For a heart that is continually thanking won’t have much time to do what it is not supposed to.

‘In everything give thanks’ is wisdom understood only after it is completed. It welcomes joy. It precedes a miracle. It sees value in what most overlook.

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