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Teens don’t use Social Media exactly the same as adults and their peers .  Most teens today have gotten away from Myspace, Twitter, and even the one of the most popular social sites on the internet today–Facebook.  I mainly log onto Instagram on a daily basis to look at my friends pictures they post or even to post a photo of myself.

My Instagram
My FAN page Instagram

What’s most important to know about posting on Instgram is that most teens post after 3 p.m.  Most schools let out after 3 p.m. and kids are going home so they are logging in to see what’s the latest and greatest.  This is one of our means of being social.  It does matter to most of us how many likes our photos receive on Instagram.

I like Twitter, but I honestly don’t log on to Twitter that much because I’d rather spend most of my time on one site instead of many. I have a manager that manages my Fan sites.

I’m not sure if it’s considered a type of popularity contest or if we just like to know people find interest in our photos.

Safety on Social Media Sites:

  1. Be careful not to give any personal information on any social media sites. There are lots of people out there who may disguise themselves to harm you or someone you my know.
  2. Don’t turn on your locations either.  There are options to make your page private too.
  3. Take all necessary precautions to protect yourself on and off the internet.

What do you think?  Do you prefer Instagram over Facebook?

Which Social Media Site do you log onto the most?

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