Businesses Want Your Opinion

Local Stores want your opinion and are now offering prizes to spend a little time providing your opinion.

Your opinion REALLY matters to most businesses these days.

We all have an opinion, but do you share it? Simply telling a business how you feel could help you cash in.

Stores want your feedback. Many store receipts offer to enter your name into a sweepstakes if you fill out a survey about your shopping experience. Other times, getting free money may be as simple as tweeting or sharing a deal on Facebook . Carefully provide truthful answers to the market research companies.   By doing so, you are personally helping to keep businesses in shape all around the globe.  In exchange for providing your opinion, iPoll will pay you a cash reward.

Doesn’t everyone want to WIN some money for FREE Groceries or Coupons on your next visit?

All you have to do is collect you cash register receipts and looks at the bottom of the receipt to see which ones offer prizes for feedback.   It will only take you about five minutes per survey.

A few Businesses that offer Prizes are:

  • Albertson’s Grocery Store – $100 in groceries
  • Applebee’s – $1000 per day
  • Panda Express – FREE Entrée Item
  • Yogurtland – Free yogurt (by the oz)

Retailers desire to improve their bottom line, so please utilize your opinion and complete those online surveys.  You could be the NEXT winner.

If you have ever won a prize from completing the ONLINE surveys please leave us a comment below.  We love to hear from our readers.


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