Support other Bloggers 

Blogging takes time and patience. Our thoughts are free so it doesn’t cost money to think out loud and transfer it to our computer screens.

Blogging simply requires a passion for telling a story about your life. 

Basically, bloggers write about our lives how we see and experience it. 

Writing doesn’t have to be perfekt. Yes, I meant to add a K instead of a C.  

 If I choose to mispell or put a spin on a word it’s ok.  It’s my writing and I’m human. I want you to see that I’m human and I’m just like you.

Social media seems to portray a perfect society. We are not perfect, we are flawed.  I’m not stessing illiteracy, nor am I bannishing the use of spell check.  I think all of that is a important,  but we ARE human, right?  

My whole idea for this post is to tell you how important it is to be supportive of your fellow bloggers. 

With so many news avenues online, bloggers still provide exceptional content to everyday life situations.

Who cares about FAKE NEWS when Bloggers report their own NEWS

We can see REAL life in others. We can begin to see the similarities in someone in a totally differnt country with totally different cultures. 

Blogging affords us another means of connecting.

Regardless of age, color, race, sex, creed, etc we are one.  We all bleed red.  

Naked we came in this world and naked we will leave one day. 

Ashes to ashes — dust to dust. Dust to side chicks. — hahaha – a little Beyonce for ya.

What is your mark on the world? What is your legacy? What are you leaving behind ? 

Why don’t you leave a legacy of reading, liking, commenting,  serving, and connecting with other bloggers. 

While you are rising,  take someone with you.  Knowledge is power. Take time to read 10-15 articles a day and see how your horizon and perspective will be broadened. 

Until next time.


10 Replies to “Support other Bloggers ”

  1. Well said. I love that about blogging. It’s REAL!

    1. Thank you Ipuna. 💟 indeed it is.

  2. I needed to read something like this as I have felt my mojo. Thank you dear

    1. Absolutely. I’ve been reading a lot and I love it. It keeps my mind sharp and broadens my insight.

  3. Very true! Enjoyed reading this! Bc of you I will subscribe 🙂

    1. Bless you. Are you on Facebook? I’m a member of a positive blog group. Lmk if you might want to join. We have blog collaboration opps, etc. It’s an amazing group of bloggers.

      1. Yes I would love to be apart of that group . My fb page name is therealwithjill . And my regular fb page name is jamilah Jill Miller . Please add me

  4. Veeeeerrryyyy true. Well said. It’s the great thing about blogging.

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