Spanking Kids

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Wednesday night’s viewing of the new TV show on ABC called, “Black-ish” was very funny and very familiar.  The topic of the show was “Should you Spank your kids.”  I know a lot of people have different view points on whether or not you should spank your kids and if you do should it stop at a certain age.

Black-ish has been the major talk of the town before it’s first airing.  Why not center an episode around hot topic such as parents spanking their children.

Laurence Fishburne’s character (Pops) made a firm stance on his belief that children should be spanked regardless of age.

Fishburne’s grandson, Andre thinks he is certain that he is too old to be spanked at the age of 13 and clearly passed  the “ whooping window.”  Therefore, Andre felt that he is no longer at risk for a “whooping.”

Fishburne (aka – Pops) quickly dispels Andre’s beliefs on spankings.

Andre’s sister states her opinion on the spanking discussion, telling Pops that “no one spanks their kids anymore.”

Last month, the Adrian Peterson case gained momentum on a national discussion around whether or not physical punishment from a parent is damaging to a child, a subject matter that doesn’t seem to be dying down.  Hence, putting Wednesday night’s episode of Black-ish in sync with great timing for ABC in light of the Peterson case being fresh news.

Kudo’s to ABC for airing Black-ish following one of it’s TOP shows “Modern Family”

What do you think? Do you think kids should be spanked? If so, what’s the age limit on spankings?  If not, why?

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