Side Hustle | Professional Reviewer

This is one of the best and easiest freelance opportunities that you can start from the comfort of your home.

You probably have all the equipment needed to start this business with a few days with little effort and low overhead.

Step 1:  Choose a niche

Make sure the niche you choose is pertaining to products that you enjoy using and that you can give honest detailed reviewes.

Choosing a product that you like and have passion for makes all the difference in the world.

If you love the stuff you’re reviewing, you will look forward to your next product review.

Decide how many product reviews you want to do per week

You don’t want to be overloaded or not do enough reviews. So make sure it’s a niche you enjoy reviewing.


Because if YOU like the products, you’ll be content spending time using, purchasing, and reviewing them. 

Its important to make sure you can and will use the products you review. When you have first hand knowledge of the products, you will write a great review.

Do you have to buy the products you’re going to review?

Yes and No. To start out, you may have to purchase some of the products until you get some vlogs/ posts going.

However, if you can get products without buying them, then no, you dont have to invest in the products. 

How do I decide which products to review?

Personally, I would narrow products down to a certain type of product (which can still be thousands of related products).

Note: There are many sites that make a great income and they review a variety of products.

Test the waters. As you purchase products that you already want or need, make a quick detailed review then simply continue adding addituonal complimentary products as you see fit.

Step 2: Choose a Blog name

No Limits. Just remember,your thoughts are limitless. Think of a a name that will be memorable.

Remember, this BLOG will be your brand.

Side note: Before purchasing your domain name, verify on all social media platforms that the is available to use.

If you decide on Generic name, that is okay too. There are tons of review sites that make a killing and the name doesn’t reflect a specific item.

Step 3: Launch your review blog

Dont hesitate on this one, Make sure you press that “publish” button and launch your site right away. The quicker you press publish, the quicker you’ll start doing more reviews that will make you more money.

Launching your blog should only cost a few dollars a month or you can pay by the year.

Whats the best website/blog builder?

My preference is WordPress. It took a little time to learn, but its very user friendly.  Also, you can blog right from your phone, just like I’m doing right now

Step 4: Publishing your product reviews

This is where you will have fun with your reviews. Make them look and feel fun and real. The more FACE you give your reviews, the more success you’ll have.

Reviwers can earn upwards of 4-6 figures very quickly. We live in an information society and people want to see products in use before they purchase them.

Product Reviewer

How to get your blog ranked higher on google.

This is not as hard as it may seem. Simply put, START WRITING !

To get your page ranked and ranked higher on google, you should make sure your constantly adding content. More content equals better ranking . Less content means less ranking. It’s that simple.

Dont worry as to whether people are reading or commenting on your articles. Simply concentrate on putting more content on your blog. Soon, you will have more than enough readers and content.

I would be amiss if I didn’t mention the fact that search engines are all about the money. Money talks, bullspit walks.

Companies are paying money to get higher rankings so you will always see PAID ADS at the top of any search engine.

Some people stress about this, but in my own professional opinion, it doesnt matter that the paid ads are listed at the top because ai know they are paid ads and I normally scroll past the paid advertisers anyway.


I scroll past the paid advertisers because a lot of the times I’ll click on those ads and I will get a bunch of junk or it slows ly computer down. Hackers can pay for ads too. I simply prefer to click on the ads below the paid ads.

Your end goal should be to try and get your page listed within the top 5 pages. If you try to consistently write and put out content then you shouldn’t have any worries as to whether or not someone will click on your page.

Know your WHY? Meaning, whats your reason behind reviewing the particular products.

  • Are you comparing two or more products?
  • Are you reviewing one or several products?
  • Are you listing multiple good product options?

For example: Do you have any of the following in your review:

  • Comparison Product A vs Product B
  • Best Product
  • 10 Best Products

Here is an example of what a good review should contain:

  • Introduction- ibtriduxing your product you are about to review.
  • Disclose how you’ve been using the product. You want people to believe you are credible. You want people to know you actually use the product an you’re aren’t there to simply have them purchase something else they may not need.
  • Explain the product in detail.
  • List the benefits of the product
  • Are there any pros and cons? If discuss them in detail
  • Conclusion – wrap up everything you discussed.
  • Images – make sure you have at least a couple images for each review.

It’s best to use your own image or video when posting a review.

Your review will be more believable and credible if you use your own image as opposed to the company or manufacturer image.

Your personal image adds credibility to the reviews and makes them unique. 

I would also get way more photos – close-ups and at different angles, etc.

Another good idea is to make videos of you unboxing the products, as well as the use of the product.

Videos are super effective.  A good product review video can get a ton of views and clicks. This will eventually equate to revenue for you.

Some bloggers will quickly turn their business into strictly vlogging and only make video content. 

Most of all, Have FUN. Make the review reflect who you are as a person and as a reviewer. Add photos, videos, charts, or timelines of use. The more information you have the better informed your purchasers will be.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase.