Side Hustle | Apartment Locator

Even though the internet has made it much easier to locate your next home, sometimes it is a daunting task that could be left up to someone else.

Afterall, you have many things to do in preparation for your upcoming move. Why would anyone want to tackle this task when they could pass it to someone else?

Sometimes we have to realize we live in unfortunate times. We’ve dealt with a record number of home foreclosures; therefore, causing families to reorganize their lives and downsize their financial obligations.

This restructuring leaves cutting back on expenses an only option.

You may not know this, but after sitting down with a friend of mine who’s an apartment manager, I found out that some apartment complexes have advertising budgets available that will allow them better opportunities to attract quality applicants to their complex.

Finding and relocating to a new residence can be extremely stressful and time consuming to say the least.

I recently went through a lot of headaches while searching for an apartment in the Los Angeles, CA area. It was not fun. Hardly anyone answers the phone and even more never returned phone calls.

Starting an apartment relocating service can generate a hefty revenue for your freelance business.

Start Up Cost:

You can start an apartment relocating business for under $500, if you already own a computer and a printer.

Equipment Needed:

  1. Computer
  2. Fax/Scanner
  3. Designated Phone Line
  4. Printer

Here how you can get started in just a few simple steps:

Identify a need. Could your area use a service like this one? Are there any locators in your area at this time? If so, snoop. Find out where they are advertising and how much they are charging their clients.

Next, make a list of at least 10 apartment complexes. Make cold calls, followed by in-person visits announcing the benefits of the services you provide.

You can start your location service by finding properties for family and friends. Ask them to provide you with a testimony at the end of your transaction.

Find out what licenses your state is required to run an apartment location business.

License your new apartment locator business with the state in which you are conducting business.

Determine a structure for your business, such as a corporation, limited liability company or sole proprietor. File for pertinent licenses.

Contact your city licensing agency to determine if additional permits and licenses are required for your business type.

Decide where you will be conducting most of your business transactions. Will you Rent, lease or convert a home office space?

If you want to stay along the theme of freelancing, you can convert or use a room in your home to operate your new apartment locator business.

This business can be done by utilizing a computer, internet, and fax machine or scanner.

This business is a need based business. You can definitely solve a problem.

Most people are not thrilled to start apartment hunting or moving. This is a service that anyone can use.

Also, you can put your information in front of big corporations too.

Large and small companies move people from state to state all the time.

Why wouldn’t they want to use your services to help ease the burden off of their employee?

Any questions or ideas about starting an apartment locator service, please let us know.