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Shopular is a phenomenal app that I received via text from a friend whom I was having dinner with one evening.

I don’t recall what we were taking about, but I do remember her saying the shopular app saved her money while shopping at local malls.  I kinda blew it off because I didn’t understand it’s purpose at the time; however, saving money is a definite bell ringer to me.  I definitely revisited the shopular app when I had more time on my hands.

In a nutshell, if you are in or near a shopping plaza, strip, or mall; the app will detect it.   The stores that are in your vicinity or location will be activated.  If your location option isn’t turned on then you will need to remember to look for coupons before going to the register to check out.

My hubby was recently shopping in Kohl’s and I pulled out my phone and clicked on the shopular app and searched for any deals at Kohl’s. Thank God I was able to use a $ 10 off coupon.  

Another good aspect of this app is that once you locate a coupon, you can text it directly to a friend so they can use it.
KOHLS2_DiscountI love saving money and my husband is really learning to appreciate my frugality 🙂

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