Sexualizing a woman’s body

Is it a one way street or two?

Today, I read a story online about a woman being delayed in getting on a Southwest Airlines flight due to the way she was dressed.

I wanted to see how the woman was dressed because I couldn’t imagine anyone being detained from getting on an airline because their outfit was distracting or inappropriate in the eyes of an airline personnel.

The airline that detained the woman from boarding is Southwest Airlines.

Southwest IS my main airline that I use when I fly. I have never had an issue with them. Their flight attendants and employees are always so nice and helpful.

The only issue I have with them is items being broken or busted in my bag.

Back to the story. I looked up the incident and here is the woman that was detained wearing the exact outfit that she had on the day of her flight.

Here is a photo of the woman

The one thing I’m thinking about is that she’s going to be very cold on this flight.

Here is the video:

I truly felt sorry for the pilot. You can tell he felt bad for the woman, but he was literally trying to get her back on the flight.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel she is dressed inappropriately? Do you feel she should have been asked to cover up?

Look at some of the comments

Today’s women think and feel totally different. It’s commonplace to see women displaying their bodies in all types of settings.

As an old school OG, I was raised to not wear reveling clothes, and that every place has a different code of dress and ethics. Honestly, no one ever sat me down and said, “you can’t wear this or that to here or there.”

The way you dressed was determined by what you were used to seeing growing up. If your mom carried and dressed a certain way, you picked up those habits and followed them unconsciously.

Also, your circle of friends probably influenced your clothing decisions as well.

Everything was pretty much understood and those were the basic rules or guidelines that you followed.

However, I do feel like the women of today feel that its ok to show boobs and under boobs. They also show butt checks, stomach, etc.

I don’t think its ok. Your body is not meant to be put on display for the world to see. Your body is meant for one special person and thats your husband.

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free

Many of you may not agree and thats ok, but if you’re the cause of someone lusting after your body then you have to live with that.

Men will look at what you have on display. Its human nature for them to look if you’re on display.

I feel like women need to regroup and really think about why they feel the need to show their body parts to everyone they come in contact with.

I had this discussion with my daughter and she didn’t think anything was wrong with what the woman had on. She didn’t think it was distracting.

So, you see, we all have differences in opinions depending upon how we were raised, what we saw growing up, or even what we are accustomed to seeing in our daily lives.

My daughter never saw me dressed in a provocative manner. Her way of thinking comes from her environment and what she chooses to watch on TV or see in her daily life.

Sorry, but I feel the lady’s breast out was a distraction and she should have covered up.

I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to sit next to her or for my husband to have to sit next to her for a 3 hour flight with her breast on display.

Can you honestly imagine what he would be thinking the entire flight?

People are human and when we put other people in positions to get off their game and think in a nonhealthy manner about someone they shouldn’t. Then we have ourselves to blame.

No, it may not sound fair, but it’s life. We not only dress for ourselves, but we must learn to dress for the benefit of others.

I know people understand this concept because they have no problem shopping for the higher end brand names and wearing it. Most don’t wear brand names for themselves. They wear them so other people can see they have the money to wear the btands and the finer things.

This is the exact same situation. If you care about what people think of you wearing brands, then why won’t you be as concerned when putting your body on a free display table?

My daughter explained to me that no one should have to be cautious about what they wear in public because people should mind their business. Women shouldn’t be raped because of what they have on.

I totally agree with these statements, but when you are dealing with a sick individual, you can not reason in his mind that this is not okay.

If someone is sick and you’re feeding them the medicine that makes them sicker then you contributed to his demise.

Could this incident been avoided? Possibly.

I simply feel people should think of the big picture. Women should stop idolizing women who talk dirty and who wear provocative clothing.

The world is so backwards and messed up because we have so many people contributing to it.

Artist are making more provocative music because sex sells.

We wonder why so many men and women are unfaithful. They have so many devices available to be unfaithful so, why not? Everyone else is doing it so why can’t I.

In closing, sorry but I feel the airline did the right thing. What do you think?

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