Restaurants quantity decreases while prices increase

Have you ever driven around your city looking for places to eat? Nothing seems appealing.  No one can agree upon anything.  Someone wants this,  but not that.   We’ve gone through that scenario so many times.  

Also, we have one child that thinks the sun rises and sets on her bottom.  If she doesn’t have her way,  she pouts.  Do you have one of those in your family?   I wonder why she does that?  I guess it’s something we’ve allowed and now she’s used to having her way. 

Nope, this isn’t Burger King,  but she usually has it her way . 

This past Wednesday,  after church my family and I finally decided to have dinner at Fuddrucker’s restaurant.  We couldn’t decide where we wanted to eat,  so Fuddy won. 

We ordered our dinner and decided to share a large chili cheese fry.   Who needs one of those to eat alone?  It’s enough to share, at least it WAS. 

Our buzzer goes off so the kiddos got up to retrieve our dinner.  When our son put the chili cheese fries down, my hubby and I looked at one another and said “wait, that’s not a large. ”  the manager was passing by at that time so we stopped him and asked, “is this a large?’  He said, “yes, its a large and walked off.” 

Well, the manager’s mannerisms and body language said it all.  He knew they cut back on quantity, which clearly affects quality in my personal opinion. 

Fuddruckers used to be high quality, huge burgers. Now, not so much. 

Fuddruckers  have joined the ranks of other restaurants who are Skimping on quantity while increasing prices. 

The bun size and meat have gotten smaller.  The chili cheese fries have decreased about 1/2 the size it was just 4 months ago.  We haven’t been there in 4 months so this was the first time we realized they have changed as well. 

Top photo 4 months ago, bottom photo 7/15/17
Top photo 4 months ago, bottom photo 7/15/17 (Large chili cheese fries)

I think it’s unfair that restaurants are making food items smaller while increasing prices. 

Who’s benefiting here? Yeah, its less calories for us, but more money for them.

 I’m appalled that restaurants think they can make these changes  and no one says a word.   

Well,  this is my voice and I’m calling them on the carpet.   

Shame on you  #Fuddruckers.  I’ve thought highly of you for many years.  Now, you’re just one of them. 

Our son ordered a “new menu ” burger because it looked scrumptious on the poster.  To his demise,  the actual burger looked nothing like the plump overflowing photo. 

I won’t be too anxious to return to Fuddruckers anytime soon.  

Have you noticed any changes in the quantity some restaurants are providing? Does it bother you? Are you o.k with it. 

Talk to us by commenting below. 

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