Reminders to be grateful

I saw this post recently on another blog. I posted it on my Facebook page and it touched so many people. Enjoy !

The qualifications that gave us a job is the same qualifications someone else has, but does not have a job.

Lets Be grateful.

Our prayers that God answered is the same others have been praying, but without results.

Lets Be grateful .

The roads on which we travel on a daily basis is the same road many others died on.

Lets Be grateful.

The bed on which we lay in the hospital, got healed, and came back is the same bed on which many other people have died.

Lets Be grateful.







The rains that made crop fields produce a good harvest is the same rains that destroyed someone else’s homes. Many are still suffering.

Let’s Be grateful.

Lets always Be grateful because whatever we have today is not by our power or might, or due to our qualifications, but it’s the only by Grace of God and mercy.

Lets always Remember that the Lord is the only giver of everything we possess & enjoy today.

Let us all be grateful for everything and always say thanks for life’s blessings.

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