Recycle Ink Cartridges

Recycle Ink Cartridges and Save MONEY

YES ! !  The world we live in is about saving, recycling, and conserving.  There are so many items that you can Save, Recycle and Conserve.  Today I’m sharing a little secret with you about saving money on recycling your ink cartridges.
Yep, you got it right – – You can actually get CASH back just for recycling your empty ink cartridges instead of throwing them in the trash.

Your local Staples stores have the greatest deal where you can take back your empty cartridges and at the end of the month they will send you a check/coupon in the mail for money off your next purchase.  A couple months ago I received a savings of $8 in the mail.  This month so far I received a $3 savings voucher.  Any amount of money that I can save makes me a happy camper.  Recycling means FREE savings for you.

Have you SAVED money by RECYCLING ink cartridges?  If so, leave us a comment below.



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