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Blackish, starring Lawrence Fishburne and Anthony Anderson is a new ABC television series that we are keeping our eyes on.  There are several characters in the movie that are hilarious.  For starters, Anthony Anderson is always hilarious as can be.  The Prank King episode is geared toward Halloween and most of the show was made up of pranks from different characters in the Johnson Family.

The mother, Tracee Ellis Ross, plays the character “Rainbow,” mustered up a few pranks of her own on her husband in the series, Anthony Anderson.   Anderson, plays the character “Dre Johnson.”  We believe it’s all in a days work to see who can be the biggest prankster.  “Dre” was extremely funny carrying around the ipad that showed the many camera’s he had installed in his home, including one in the refrigerator.

Miles Brown “Jack” and Marsai Martin “Diane” play the cutest characters ever.  They are twins and what awesomely cute names as to name your twins, Jack and Diane.  It seems so cliché; nevertheless, the are some cutie pies in the making.  Another character that we absolutely love is Marcus Scribner “Andre,” probably named after his TV dad, Anthony Anderson.  Marcus has such a glorious personality and super cute facial expressions.  We see this actor definitely going somewhere because he’s got some skills that are truly believable.

To end the episode all the characters dressed up as the Jackson 5. They were all very colorful as they walked down their driveway.

Laurence Fishburne didn’t appear in the “Prank King” episode.  Awe, we would have loved to see him dressed up as Joe Jackson from the Jackson Five.

Let’s keep watching Blackish and see what happens next.  So far, we are pleased with the episodes, thusfar.

What did you think of the Prank King episode?  We would love to hear your review.

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