Portable Scanner

A couple months ago, I purchased a portable scanner (Epson Workforce DS-30 Portable Document & Image Scanner) so that I can get rid of a lot of paper in my home office.

Paper is the main culprit of all my clutter.

I’m diligently finding ways to get rid of and cut down on paper so that my office will look much better.  In fact, my hubby will be a happier camper if he didn’t have to see a mound of paper every day.

I continued my research for a good reliable scanner.  I read many reviews on different types of scanners.   I already have a scanner, but it’s one of those that’s connected to my printer.  I wanted a scanner that I could literally send a paper through and the document will appear on my computer for quick saving, editing, and viewing.

PS: The DS-30  comes with a nice sleek, black carry bag.

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The items I have been scanning thus far:

  • business cards
  • personal documents
  • photos
  • important and non important receipts
  • envelopes with important addresses
  • and much more

This is a perfect gift for your college student too.

They can use this to stay organized in college and keep up with important documents and receipts.

Students can scan papers and send to professors or tutors.  It’s so simple.

You might want to get one of these because it scans really well and it’s portable.  You can take it anywhere and scan items into your computer.

My son told me his boss had a scanner just like the one I have and he pulled it out and scanned papers into his computer from wor–Nifty idea

This is a life saver and a paper eliminator

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