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Stand Alone App for Facebook – Good or Not?  You decide

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Facebook just launched it’s new mobile App called “Paper“, but it’s only for IPHONE users at this time.    It’s one of the Most Popular Apps at the ITunes store right under Flappy Birds and it’s AD FREE.   This App is a gamer changer for social networking.  However, it has some similarities to the FLIPBOARD app.   The ongoing trend is to find new ways to allow users to interact with one another.

Paper, pulls news feed updates and various selective stories into one single location.  Again, it’s very similar to FLIPBOARD.  If you don’t know about FLIPBOARD, it’s a news App that organizes news updates right from your mobile device.

Paper takes the standard News Feed in Facebook News Feed and recreates it in the form of  a horizontally scrolling set of screens that does away with most of the key button features.  The end user uses a swipe motion to get around the app.

Facebook will continue to develop the most innovative apps that will allow them to stay in a competitive mode with other developers such as Snapchat.

Download the Paper App and let us know what you think.  Do you think the name “Paper” is going to hang in there or will Facebook need to change the name to make it more catchier for it’s avid users?

We’d love to hear what you think of the NEW APP.  Drop us a line below.

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