My biggest pet peeve

wpid-wp-1435554918925.jpegToday, let’s talk about my biggest pet peeve.

I can not stand someone lying to me. There, it’s out– I said it and I mean it.

No, I’m not perfect. Yes, I lie. ( not often) My lies are no better than the next person, but when I lie it’s what most people call “little white lies.”

Not sure why they are called “white lies” because either way they are bad.

I guess our society associates white with good and black with bad.

Back on track now…

I asked my spouse a simple question today about a charge on our bank account and he told me a bold lie while not blinking an eye or skipping a beat (never looking me at me the entire time).

Have you ever caught someone in a lie like that and you just wanted to scream?

I was clearly looking at the truth while I asked the question and “BAM” there rolls the lie.

I’m mad and can’t stand to look at him because they way I feel is that if someone is going to lie to me about something so minute then why wouldn’t they lie about just about anything or everything.

My mind is going and going. The devil is a lie. This incident is small, but it’s just my point.

What to do, what to do? Again, we are not perfect and I lie but never to hurt anyone and never to my spouse. I don’t have time to keep up with lies so why tell them?

Why is lying so easy to some people?

Does it make them a bad person?

Does it require you to be on watch tower lookout?

I really don’t have time to babysit.

America, I’m upset. What would you do?

Btw: I wrote this post several weeks ago and pondered on writing stuff about my life, but I’m sure you guys need to know I’m real and I deal with real issues just like you.

Talk back

What’s your biggest pet peeve? Is it lying?

We wanna know.

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