Movie Review ‘Safety”

My son is a college football player and while he was home for the holidays, I found a movie that I thought he would enjoy watching.

The movie 🎬 we watched at home on our new Superbox is called “Safety” it’s a movie based upon true story that was released in 2020.

If you love a down home football story, then you will fall in love with “Saftey.” This true story will take you on a heartwarming trip.

The world needs more heartwarming stories to be Told, such as this story. We see so many horrible things in the news, but this is good story I didn’t hear about. Everyone needs to see this movie.

I absolutely love my Superbox. I can save and watch many good movie and TV series. If you don’t have one of these then you should consider getting one.

If you decide to watch “Safety,” make sure you get a box of kleenex. You will need several because this is a tear jerker.

Two of the main characters, Ray and Kahmarr had amazing chemistry. I felt every bit of what they were going through.

Being that my son is a college football player, he was able to relate to everything that was happening on and off the field.

There were a merriad of emotions happening throughout this movie. We were not ready for it to be over and before we knew it, it was over.

I don’t like to tell any details as you would find in most reviews. I like to tell you my opinion of the movie and then I like for you to get the full affect of watching the movie without any spoiler alerts.

Why give a “spoiler alert” notice if you’re going to spoil the movie for the next person?

Tell me what you think of the movie. Don’t forget NOT to spoil it with too much detail.

Simply say you like it and why.

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