Make Up Genius App

L’Oreal USA – Download IOS App

This NEW app will make you Forget everything you thought you knew about other make up apps.

L’Oréal Paris introduces the 1st virtual makeup tester.

You can now try different makeup products on and see them move with you in real time.

This exclusive technology from major Hollywood studios has never been seen before in the world of beauty.

Create your own or try ready-to-wear looks curated by makeup artists instantly. See yourself made up in just one click.

The Virtual world just got REALLY REAL

Virtual makeup try-on has never been more real.

Your smartphone becomes your mirror.  L’Oreal has turned your Smartphone into a beauty accessory.

Instantly apply makeup onto your own reflection in real-time.

Makeup follows your face as you move and make expressions.

Choose from an endless array of products and expertly-curated makeup looks.

Try before you buy anytime, anywhere.   Go ! ! Grab your phone and play dress up !



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