Keepsake Recipe Journal

Technology is great, but the old pen and paper will never fail you when your in the mood for your favorite recipe.

I don’t know about you, but I have so many printed/reprinted recipes and lost sticky notes to last me a lifetime.

I love trying new recipes, especially when they come out perfectly.

I can admit that I come across a plethora of recipes that have simply bombed and those printouts can stay lost forever.

We have teamed up with our Designers and have developed a recipe journal that our readers can write down all of their favorite recipes in.

This journal will be your lifesavers for years to come.

Yeah, we know there are numerous APPS that provide methods of keeping your favorite recipes, but there is nothing like a handwritten recipe.

Handwritten recipes can be passed down from generation to generation.
I can remember my mother-in-law cooking many scrumptious meals.

OMG ! I loved the holidays because I was privy to the opportunity of learning how to make her wonderful holiday foods.

Unfortunately, when she passed away, her recipes were written on index cards, like most of the elders did back in the day. Some of them were written in ✏ pencil and through time, wear, and tear, the words began to fade.

One of the biggest issues with writing recipes on index cards was that the cards would get lost, misplaced, or never returned to its home.

So, needless to say, I wish this journal would have been around for me to write down all of my mother-in-laws, mom, or grandma’s recipes.

I truly believe they would all be here today.

Another good aspect to utilizing the Journal would be that you can keep the journal in your kitchen cupboard or cabinet and when it’s time to prepare one of your recipes all you have to do is open the cabinet and turn the pages until you find exactly what you’re wanting to prepare.

You can organize the recipes exactly the way you want.

You can order 1 book for all recipes or order 5 books and separate them by categories.

Whatever works for you, works for me

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