Keep Good Records for Purchases at School

Hey Moms,

A quick note to make sure you guys keep good records. I noticed several months ago that I had not received my son’s school pictures.  Among all the stuff I have on my plate, I just remembered to call the studio that took the pictures because I found a copy of the portrait paper where I ordered the photos.  I called the studio and they told me that they didn’t have my son listed as purchasing any photos.

In order to prove my case I had to get a copy of my statement and fax it to the studio.  Once, I obtained my statement copy (within minutes) I faxed the information to them because they had, in fact, charged my credit card but never printed or provided the pictures that I paid for at the beginning of the year.

I understand some things slip through the cracks, but the fact is that someone wasn’t keeping good records and this is my sons last school year with 1 month to go and I still DON’T have his photos.

Word to the wise. Stay on top of your paperwork and make sure you keep just about everything so that you can refer back to it and prove yourself if need be.


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