Donald Trump Can’t Concede

TRUMP posted on his Twitter in all caps that he won the election.

See his TWEET

Numerous people followed along congratulating him while many thought he was on something for insistently demanding that he won.

I’m in awe that he actually thinks there was cheating and he really won the election.

Not only does Trump think the election was rigged, but thousands of Americans feel the same way.

I don’t wholeheartedly blame Trump for the way people think.

Honestly, I feel Trump’s behavior has given people a reason to outwardly display their true selves.

I often wonder what goes on in someone’s head where they can’t admit defeat.

Defeat is a part of life. There will always be winners and always be losers. Our country has been so divided for the last four years it has been unbelievable.

Things were worse these past 4 years than the last 20+ years as far as race relations go.

Here is one response to this unseemingly weird tweet.

People seen for miles cheering for Biden Harris.

My words to President Trump is to concede and allow this country to start healing. If he continues this Ludacris behaviors, there will be horrible consequences for our world.

People are currently marching, arguing, and fighting because he is insisting on behaving badly.

This is not how adults are supposed to behave. Leaders should act like leaders and not babies.

This has to stop and very soon. He has already made a name for himself. Why make matters worse?

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