I’m attracted to Greatness 

Significant figures leave evidence of their presence behind

I’m attracted to Greatness– are you?

My days seem to whisk by faster and faster.  Time stops for no one.  The more technology increases, the quicker time seems to slip under my feet. 

Although,  time doesn’t sit still, I am consistently learning something new.  I’ve learned to stretch my mind and broaden my horizon.

I’m always adding value to my life. I draw in smart people with a purpose.

Don’t apologize for who you are, what you desire, what you love, or who you want to become! 

I desire to be more, to learn more.  Knowledge is power.

Transform yourself into a greater YOU

The more you get to know  about life, the more you grow in your own world.

There is no fear in being Great! 

Seek to be greater today than yesterday.  

When you are Great minded, you will attract great opportunities !

Success attracts success 

“Significant figures leave statistical evidence of their presence behind”

Be significant.  Leave behind a legacy, in which you can’t be forgotten.

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6 Replies to “I’m attracted to Greatness ”

  1. You are back! ❤️​ Success does attract success!!! Love it.

    1. YES ! ! I’m really praying for direction. Thank you for noticing =D

      1. ❤️​ I’m here to support! We push each other, right? Love it. Have a great weekend!

        1. Thank you. I appreciate you very much. ❤ Have a good weekend too

  2. Hi, I love this post. It’s so inspiring! I desire to be great, I’m gonna be great😬

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. YES YOU are and WILL BE <3

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