Reaching Out to Moms

motg3It’s an important factor to know how reach your customers at their level.  Good customer service is almost a thing of the past.  However, businesses are realizing that they must find out how what makes their customers tick.  Moms On The Go have gone above and beyond to make sure our moms and dads know just how important they are to us.

#1 Way to reach Moms

1.  Top Answer Goes to – Facebook Women are already online in record numbers.  Facebook is one of the number one social media sites where you WILL find women.  There are a large number of communities where your customers already hang out.  Be that Brand and Be that Company (#imthatkid) where your customers will LIKE your page and interact about Your product.  You already have the product that they like – keep them there.  See what makes them tick.   They will continue being your number one customer if you can get them to talk about it.

Please leave us a comment and tell us what you think and what are some of your favorite and useful Facebook pages.

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