How to Save Money by drinking Water


Did you know that most Americans purchase soft drinks when dining out at restaurants?  Soft drinks, teas, or alcoholic beverages costs add up if you sit down and think about the actual cost.

Restaurants charge anywhere from $2.50 and up for drink other than water.  Have you ever thought about all the coupons that come in the mail contain coupons that state “Get “X-Item” free with the purchase of 2 drinks.” –this is where they make money.

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If you must have something other than water you can purchase a soft drink at your local Walgreens, CVS, or convenient Store.  Soft Drinks are much cheaper to purchase away from the restaurant.

CVS has huge $0.99 cent Arizona Green Tea – 24/23.5oz. cans or order them online for only (.25 p/can)

When my family is out for breakfast and I feel like I want a coffee, I purchase single instant coffee packs.  When we get to the restaurant I ask the waiter/waitress for a hot cup of water–They don’t complain at all. Actually, we’ve had people compliment us on bringing in our own Crystal Light On The Go Drink Mix, Variety Pack, 44 Count to save money.

How much will I save by drinking water at restaurants instead of beverages ? 

Start drinking only water at a restaurant One person could save $5 a week or more. That’s a minimum of $780 just for drinking water!

What could you do with $780 a year?  The most comforting thing to this situation is that water is more healthy for you than anything else.  We can all use more water.

Lastly, on those special occasions you can buy a soft drink, coffee (Nescafe Taster’s Choice House Blend Instant Coffee), or tea a restaurant, but start making it a special occasion and not an everyday occasion.  Try to put that money that you would have spent aside in an at home savings jar and see how much it will add up over time.

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