How to Research Unknown Bank Transactions

People seem to not have time to use complete words or speak in full sentences.  Internet logistics have conditioned us to seek out the most different communication route.

While driving on the freeway looking around at the buildings around me, I noticed business names are getting shorter.

Here are a few businesses who are opting to use acronyms to keep up with the times.


  • James Coney Island – JCI
  • Best Western is – BW
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken – KFC
  • Weight Watchers  – WW

Can you tell we are residents of a fast paced society, providing customers with quick names? I’ve noticed my kids calling things shorter names as well.

For example.  I’ve always known one of the larger malls in town to called “The Galleria Mall,”  now it’s “The Gallo

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all of the acronyms flooding us on a daily basis.

Which brings me to the topic at hand, banks use acronyms and/or abbreviations as part of descriptions on our bank statements. Have you ever gone through your bank statement to make sure everything looks legitimate, only to find you come across several items that look unfamiliar?

They look unfamiliar because businesses are shortening their names to keep up with the times. Thank God they are including phone numbers and sometimes other long numbers that probably mean something in the scheme of things.

My husband taught me a little trick about finding out what these acronyms really mean without waiting on hold for 15 minutes for a bank assistant to come on the line.  Oh, don’t forget the turmoil you may have to encounter before getting a real live person on the phone.

Remember trusty old GOOGLE? Yep, who can forget the household name, right?

Two Simple steps to finding out that weird name on your bank statement description:

  1. Go to google and search up the acronym or phrase that you aren’t sure about (that’s on your bank statement/account)
  2.  Click search

Hopefully, the results will list something that looks a little familiar.  If you aren’t able to make heads or tails out of your search, you can input the phone number that’s listed and that will bring up some more hints that should help you figure out your dilemma.

Hope this helps.

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