How to Find Your Youtube Channel Name

Marketing your YOUTUBE page is imperative to your success. In an effort to properly market across all social media venues, you will need this channel url link to share your channel.

Please watch our YOUTUBE video below to learn one simple way to quickly find your shareable URL link.

In the beginning stages of creating your YOUTUBE account you will not be able to create your own username; therefore, the url link will be a bit lengthy.

The qualifications for a customized URL (one which includes your thought up channel name instead of a random sequence of numbers and letters).
1. Your YouTube channel must be at least 30 days old
2. You must have at least 100 subscribers
3. You must use a photo for the channel icon
4. You must have uploaded channel art

If your account is in compliance with these eligibility standards, you can go to the create a custom URL for your YouTube channel.

We will discuss these steps at a later date.

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