How to Compose an Email with Subject line

email2If you’re using a list management system that requires a certain subject line within an email message, you may find that if you request that a certain word be placed within the subject of an email, it won’t be provided.  Here is the code that can be used to ensure that your email subject is filled in exactly as you require

Automating your website and email account process is a must.  If you want your visitors to email you quickly and for you to be able to track the exact subject from your viewers, then here is a quick post to give you the exact code for your visitors to simply click on the link and it will take them to the email link

4 Simple steps: Subject

  1. Label your email wording (i.e “CLICK HERE” or “EMAIL US”)
  2. Highlight the words CLICK HERE OR EMAIL US
  3. Click on INSERT or EDIT LINK
  4. Copy and paste the above code into your website post or webpage and then put your info in place of the RED Letters and that’s it.

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