How I got into the entertainment business

Screenshot_2015-01-08-20-37-11_1A lot of people asked me how I got into modeling and acting.

It’s a longer story, but I’m writing to tell you about a program that’s happening right now in Los Angeles. It’s called IMTA. The acronyms stand for International Modeling and Talent Association.

This years event was held on January 6-10th.  There are people coming from all over the U.S to compete in various categories like: modeling, dancing, singing, & acting.

A lot of celebrities got their start at IMTA.  Here is a link to an article about me on the IMTA blog

Visit IMTA online – Click HERE

Numerous celebrities have made a successful transition into acting from the IMTA event:


IMTA Alumni
Wendi Motte
Josh Duhmal
Eva Longoria
Katie Holmes
Ashton Kutcher

Just to name a few.

Next event is in New York in July 2015

If you have any questions just ASK WENDI.



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