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Does your student need help with their homework?  Are they just not getting it when the teacher explains it in class with 25 other students?  Most teachers do not have enough time to explain and take time with each and every student; thus leaving some students behind.

The term — “No one left behind” is a loose term because there are 1,000’s of students who have been left behind and some students are embarrassed to ask for help in front of their peers.  No more worries, visit our website and we will try to help your student complete the problems as well as have a complete understanding of just how to work out the problems.

Sometimes we, moms, are so busy and we’ve been out of school for so long we have forgotten how to workout problems.   The subject doesn’t matter.  We will be creating videos as well so let us know what your student needs help with and we will do our best to help them with their homework.

We will even offer help via Facetime or Skype if your student needs face to face help. (This service does cost so email us for our rates)

If you find our site helpful we would love for you to make donations of any size.  Donations help keep our website going and also to give our on call teachers a little something–something for  helping our students succeed.

Blessings and we hope to hear from you soon.


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