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“Where do you go to school?!”  “I’m home schooled.”  This question is often proposed to me by people and then it’s followed with a shocked look on their face.  Homeschooling is one of those topics that most people do not understand.   Parents feel they are not equipped or either don’t have the patience to home-school.  Basically, homeschooling is an personal and educational choice surrounded by many misconceptions.

Homeschooling is educational instruction that is conducted outside the normal established brick and mortar schools.  Homeschooling began in the 1960’s and was replaced in the 1970’s after the Supreme Court upheld the decision that removing school prayer was not unconstitutional.   Hence,  this sparked the Christian movement to home-school.  However, at that time, it was still illegal in 45 states.

As time passed on, laws slowly changed, and by 1993 homeschooling was recognized as a parent’s right in all 50 states.   More people began to see the benefits, and therefore caused the numbers to soar.  Since 2003 the U.S. Department of Education reports the number of homeschooling students climbed from  1.1 million.

Current Educational choices tend to make parents a bit concerned.  There are a lot of issues at stake with allowing your children to participate in the normal brick and mortar schooling situations. Your child’s social, emotional and economic future is at stake. 

Parents are more proactive and therefore they are anxiously looking for better options.

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