Homemade Lunch Ice Pack

images (12)While watching, The Chew, one of my favorite daytime TV shows this morning “Carla” explained how to make a home made Ice pack for your lunch bag.

Everyone normally has extra sponges around the house for cleaning purposes.  If you don’t have any sponges on-hand then on your next shopping trip you will want to pick up some sponges for this awesome homemade ice pack.


  • Zip Lock Sandwich Size baggie
  • Small cleaning sponge
  • Water


  • Take your sponge and place it under running water to get it soaked
  •  Put the wet sponge -zip locked bag in the freezer overnight
  • Take the sponge out of the freezer (the next morning)
  •  Put it in your lunch bag/box

When the sponge thaws out all of the water will be absorbed into the sponge.

I love this idea.  If you try it at home please let us know. I think it’s a great idea.

Thanks to Carla from The Chew for inspiring this post

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