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Tyler, Texas Teen #motgpayitforward

We’ve all heard of the numerous ‘Do Good’ projects, right?  Well, in the state of our current society we should all participate in ‘Do Good’ activities.  GoFundMe allows individuals to create fundraising accounts to raise legitimate funds to assist people with various life situations.tyler_welcome

The first project that we are wanting to promote is for a college student who had an unfortunate car accident, but his life was spared.  You must click on the link below to hear his testimony.

Click here: Donate Funds for vehicle to and from school, home, classes, store, etc.

He put together this campaign all by himself because he wanted to show that he’s trying to do something to help.

We should all want to help support our upcoming future generations.  How many times have we dished out $1 to a transient on the street and thought nothing of it.

‘Do Good’ and help this young man out too.  Maybe you are a car dealership, or someone who has nice vehicle to donate.  Let’s see how we can help.

If you have any ‘Do Good’ project please let us know.

Donate at least $10 to this project, we will provide you with 1 month FREE advertising as a way of giving back to you. 

Simply send us an email with your donation name for verification purposes and we will get your FREE ad started right away.

Let’s really make America Great Again by DOING GOOD #motgpayitforward

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