Graduation Etiquette


Graduating is a super huge accomplishment. 

Don’t you remember when you graduated from high school or college?

I can remember the day I entered high school and I thought I would never get out of school. The whole process seemed far fetched.

To my demise, that day came quicker than I thought.

This post was created to give some tips on graduation etiquette.

3 Things you should do when you
receive a graduation invitation:

1. Acknowledge the invite that was sent and received by you.

2. Buy and send a card immediately or you might forget.

You are not required to send money, but it’s customary.

Customary monetary gifts
A. Money –  If you don’t know the graduate well or money is tight give $25
B. $50 if you know them somewhat (friend/relative)
C, $100  Relatives or close as a relative

Gifts are always great no matter who the invite is from.

3. Money and gifts are not always as important as letting the graduate know how proud you are of their accomplishments.

Pick up the phone and give them a call.

If money is short then why not make a card and write from the heart and mail it to the grad.

3 Things you should do when you, the graduate, receives cards, gifts, and/or  money:

1. Immediately pick up the phone and call that person to say thank you and how much you appreciate the gift, card, or money.

This world is too anti- social with texting and social media. This is a time to go old school and be personal.

2. Send a thank you note in the mail.
3. Save or use your gift wisely

Make this occasion special. After all, graduating these days is not as prevalent as it was back in the day.

There is so much out there to distract and pull our kids away from excelling and learning more

It really helps to know there are people out there who really care to make this day remarkable.

Your graduate will appreciate the help while trying to prepare to go off to college.

In closing,. If you received an invite them you were special enough to
that family to invite you, then you should do your best to acknowledge the graduate.

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