Girl Scouts add Gluten Free for 2015

Girl Scouts have become pretty famous for yearly cookie sales, so if you enjoy this yearly treat then you will love the upcoming season.  The girl scout organizers have come up with 3 new gluten-free cookie flavors.  Gluten has been a growing trend, whether it’s by choice or health reasons, over the past several years so why wouldn’t the Girl Scouts move with the times.

Photo Creds: Girl Scouts Website
Photo Creds: Girl Scouts Website

The new gluten-free flavors are:

  • Toffee-tastic is crispy, buttery, and chocked full of toffee bits
  • Trios – made with real peanut butter, whole grain oats, and chocolate chips
  • Rah-Rah Raisins – made with whole grain oats, Greek yogurt-flavored chunks, and raisins

If you’ve made the switch over to a more healthier diet which doesn’t include products that contain gluten, then you will probably love these new cookie choices.

Visit the Girl Scouts Official Website to learn about the current and future cookies, as well as their ingredients and nutritional information.

The Girl Scouts tradition of selling cookies has been going on for 98 years, according to CNN.  Also, over 1 million Girl Scouts sell approximately 200 million boxes of cookies each year.

If you haven’t already downloaded the Girl Scout App (for IOS) or the Ipad App you might want to do so, because it will help you locate your next box of cookies to be ordered.  This year the Girl Scouts will be selling the cookies online so if you are an online shopper and cookie lover then you will really love this more convenient option.


We love seeing the sporty Girl Scouts out and about in our neighborhood, but the online shopping will afford you the opportunity of sending gifts to your friends or families across the U.S.

If going gluten-free isn’t a part of your dietary requirements, the Girl Scouts still have their classic cookies available for your indulgence.

Our article was inspired by: USA Today

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