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thHRV8CCZBWe’ve seen so many commercials with the cute Gecko from Geico Insurance.  I was recently rear-ended by one of Geico’s Insured clients and I had to write about my experience regarding the service that I received from Geico Insurance company.

The insured person called her insurance company to inform them of the incident and someone immediately called me within minutes of their client contacting them.  My car was put in the shop the very next day and I was provided with a rental car to use while my vehicle is being repaired.

While I was at the repair shop I was greeted by several workers. OMG ! ! What amazing customer service they had at Caliber Collision (CA).  They were extremely professional and courteous.  I don’t think I’ve been treated this good in a long time.

I also heard another customer talking about how quickly Geico got on her claim and took care of her situation without any hassle.  The incident with this customer was a minor fender bender like mine, but they treated each case as if it was a major situation.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. When I walked into the offices of Caliber Collison (CA)  I saw a Geico sign that had a list of the customers that would be coming in along with the times. I thought that was very organized.

This particular Collision company uses Enterprise Rental for their car rentals. It was fast and convenient.  Enterprise had a car waiting there for me so I didn’t have to go to a separate location.

If you are looking for an insurance company that you can trust you might want to consider Geico.  They are just fabulous.


Way to go Geico Insurance.  We need more companies like you.

If you have any similar situations like this one with Geico please feel free to leave us a message.  We want all of our Moms on the Go (and Dads on the Go) to be informed and to support these companies who go the extra mile for their customers/clients/victims.

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