Freelance | Uncovering a profitable niche

Uncovering your niche will be the key to your successful freelance career. This is where most people have the hardest time.

We ask ourselves, “What interests me? What can I do to make a difference in the world ?”

People often have a clear thought that they want to work from home, or at the very least, that they want and need a side hustle.

In my opinion, everyone should have a side hustle. You never know when your full time job will play out so we (you and I) need a back up plan.

A Side Hustle is a non specific type of employment engaged in, in addition to one’s full-time job. A side hustle is generally a freelance career providing

supplemental income. Side hustles are usually following someone’s passion, rather than a typical 9-5 job in order to pay the bills.

I’ve seen so many people think their jobs were safe, until the boss called them in and handed them a pink slip and a severance package. This is where a lot of people fall apart.

When you put your trust into someone else’s dream, things can quickly go south.

No one wants to be caught in a situation with nowhere to go and no way of paying the bills–AND the bills will keep on coming whether you have a job or not.

Let’s look into uncovering a niche that you will enjoy doing.

A niche that will serve at least 4 purposes.

  • Make money
  • Pay the bills
  • Fulfill your need to help people
  • you will enjoy it

Let’s say you are an accountant and you are a licensed CPA in your current career. You have experience with crunching numbers and bookkeeping,. You’ve also prepared some taxes in your spare time.

You already have a skill set and probably a degree in Accounting. I’m sure you’ve made a lot of personal contacts throughout the years as well.

I would suggest you create a niche blog, listing your capabilities in accounting and bookkeeping. Only if this is what you want to continue doing.

Take your time in searching for that profitable niche. Make sure the niche you choose is where your heart is.

Sometimes we attend college and we get our degree in one area of interest, but that’s not where our heart ❤ is leading us.

That’s ok too. Simply find out what you really like doing and do that thing. Don’t let fear set in. Fear serves no purpose except to throw you off track.

Start somewhere

  • List all of your assets that you can provide your clients.
  • Add a portfolio page that will display some of the work you’ve done in the past. Be sure not to post any private information or anything that would compromise your current work situation.

Instead of concentrating on a wide range of accounting duties. You can narrow them down and offer services such as accounting consulting, records management consulting, or tax consulting.

Freelancers who have expertise and experience in a certain field can easily freelance themselves out as a consultant.

Consultants make great money and are widely respected in their field of expertise.

Companies will pay you big bucks to tell them how they can do their job easier and better than ever before.

Also, if you freelance yourself out to an individual, you can provide a consulting service that would assist your clients with their personal needs.

This is how you build and discover your niche. Once you’ve decided on your skill level, you can start charging clients premium rates.

Your blog will be part of your marketing campaign. Now you can continue growing your niche into a full time freelance Career path.

Freelancing doesn’t have to be all or nothing. This type of Business can be small and as you grow and learn you can add other things onto your resumé. This is your side hustle, so feel free to grow it in any direction you see fit.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase.

Do you have a full time job and a side hustle? If not, are you thinking of getting a side hustle for your own protection?

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