End of School year goes like this in my house 

It’s that time of the year again.  A time when I see all the Facebook posts about how great everyone’s child is doing in school, how they made the Deans List, and what college they will be attending. 

To most parents, this sounds like a joyous occasion; but not too ALL parents.  

Do you have that child or children that simply want to get out of school and that’s IT?  They don’t to talk about books, teachers, grades, or classes during the summer break.

My thoughts are, “what’s wrong with my kid?”  Geez, each semester has been like getting wisdom teeth extracted .

Am I the only one with a kid that’s not on the honor roll, that’s not in all AP classes, that isn’t interested in school at all? 

Am I really the only one here, in a country of 7 billion people, with a kid that is not fond of school or teachers ?  

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for all of you parents with A++ smart kids and I love seeing every last post of your child’s straight A report cards, but my house is totally different at this time of year.  

While everyone else is planning their summer vacations, I’m thinking, “Are we going to have a summer this year or will I be carting someone off to summer school.?”

Now I understand how some people loath Valentine’s  Day.   The dreaded day for single people who don’t have a significant other or who don’t have a special “Valentine.

I didn’t understand it before, but “graduation, choosing a college, and report cards”  is comparable to a single person’s Valentine’s Day.   You get me? It’s just not a happy occasion in my home. 

Each semester is a headache for me. I dread the closing of a six weeks period because that means I will be on pins and needles when logging onto the school’s parent portal.  Should I look or shouldn’t I look? Ugh.

I dread logging in to check grades for fear of what I might or might not see this time. 

I’m not saying every class is a struggle, but overall –I don’t look forward to another semester or year of school.

I’ve come to the realization that, Not everyone is cut out to attend college.  However, it is my job to try and entice them into furthering their education.  Higher education is important.  Can someone make it in life without a college degree? Certainly.   However,  I must encourage giving it a try.  

Who cares about rushing out to the Ivy League schools?  I don’t care about keeping up with the Jones’s.  

I’ve never been a follower or a label girl and I’m not starting today. 

There is nothing wrong with enrolling in the local community college and see how it goes.  If it isn’t for you right now, then find your passion —Just be successful.  

Your child can always go back to school later.  Will they kick themselves later for not taking advantage of their parents footing the bill? Yep, but everyone has to make and learn from their mistakes — I did.  There is no sense in adding extra pressure on you or your child.  There is enough pressure from outside influences.  If I’m inundated with all the bragging rights of parents who’s sending their child to this college and that college, just think about how my kids are feeling.

I would rather my child/young adult attend college later than fluff off my money making failing grades while they party like a rock star.


Am I alone in this world or do you have a kid that’s like mine? I would love to hear all about it.

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