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Empire has produced yet another fantastic episode on Wednesday.  This show is a must follow and the ratings are out of this world.  I’m so happy that Hollywood has finally put its trust in a predominantly African American cast and the show is proving it’s worthiness to it’s viewers.

So, let’s talk about the episode on Wednesday (Watch on Amazon Instant Video).

Lucious (Terrance Howard)  invites the entire family to a very exclusive restaurant because he had some very interesting news to tell them.  Lucious was gracious enough to includ Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) in the festivities.  Cookie dresses to impress with a floor length fur coat.  Yes, I said floor length–That coat must cost a pretty penny.

Lucious made the announcement that he asked Anika to marry him.  Cookie was a bit upset about the news because she thought when he sent a rose to her that he was still interested in her and just maybe it would lead to something more.  Well, Cookie was wrong about what Lucious had planned.  Cookie was so upset she threw a rose at Lucious and Anika and then opened up her fur coat to reveal what she was wearing underneath all that fur. Yes, it was a shocker–she was wearing a negligee so, obviously she had some other things in mind for that evening.  Cookie said a few choice words and then she showed her back side to everyone, but explicitly called out Anika’s name telling her, “This is what a real butt (uses another word)  looks like.”  WOWZA

So, back at the ranch Jamal’s (Jussie Smollett) career is starting to take off and Michael is beginning to feel a bit left out.  We’ll have to continue watching to see how this situation plays out.

Hakeem (Bryshere Y. Gray) and Jamal continues to battle it out to see who will get the EMPIRE.  However, it looks as if Hakeem is most concerned with the Empire and Jamal only wants to make it on his own without daddy’s help and money.

Hakeem continues to come up with a new hit song, but he’s so tied up in his love triangle that the output is just not good enough for Lucious.  Lucious tells him to direct his anger towards his music and something honest and forceful will come out.  Hakeem did exactly what his dad suggested and came out with a banging song that expressed all of his current emotions about his situation with Tiana.

Vernon (Malik Yoba) finds out the truth about what happened to Bunkie.  He works his magic and finds someone to cover up Lucious’ mess that he made. Vernon is getting a bit tired of covering for Lucious, and the fact that Lucious shot a long time friend.  Vernon is now thinking Lucious may not be that loyal after all.

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Lucious finds a private doctor that suggests new meds that are discovered in Russia that can help with ALS. Lucious is desperate for help so he decides to accept the experimental treatment.

Well peeps, that’s it for now.  Let’s see what happens next week.  Tune in and let us know what you thought of this weeks show.


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