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If you need some Extra cash, you can pick up several extra shifts during your lunch hour or while running errands with the EasyShift App.

EasyShift App is an app that rewards its shoppers when you complete a shopping excursion at the particular store you choose.   By utilizing the EasyShift App you have added “Mystery Shopper” to your resume.

IPhone users can use this APP to earn extra money while you are already ON THE GO.

The EasyShift App will pay you $3 to $8 for accurate and completed shifts.   Your basic responsibility is to check promotional pricing while taking photos of certain items.  After you have scanned the items requested you will need to answer some inventory questions and take a few pictures of the outside of the store once you get to your car.

“This APP is AWESOME and it really works to earn some pocket change or perhaps even help you buy your next cup of coffee.” Motte

Once you claim a Shift  you have three days to complete it and you will be paid via paypal within a couple days after the shift has been submitted.


 EasyShift pays you cash to shop, eat, and explore in your city!  I have personally used this app myself. (See Above)

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