Easter isn’t over until I say So

images (28)How do you like those apples? Easter isn’t over until I say so.  What do you mean Easter isn’t over?  There are several events that lead up to Easter and then there’s Easter Sunday and then, it’s supposed to be a closed case.  Well, this year I’m extending the festivities so I can post one more very important blog post.

You see, it all starts with ” I LOVE MY CHURCH” – Yep, I really do.  What’s best of all is that my church had one of the most fantastic Easter/Resurrection Sunday services that you can ever imagine.  There are many people in the world that only attend church twice a year:

  • Easter
  • Christmas

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Yep, that’s the two most popular days to get people into church and hopefully to change someone’s life.  This Easter my family has been placed at a new church that we’ve heard about for years, but God finally ordered our steps to this day to see this event.  I’m not sure why he chose us, but I’m glad he did.

The word was delivered to us by Pastor Dudley Rutherford by way of the Lord.  It was a mighty good word so I do hope you were there to hear him preach about life.  Basically, in a nutshell, we are not promised tomorrow.  He talked about people that he personally knew that died this year and they were very young. I believe they were in their early 40’s.  Do you ever imagine dying early? No, most people don’t.

Pastor Dudley talked about how they have at least 100 funerals at Shepherd Church each year.  There were approximately 6K+ people at each service and he told us to look at our neighbors because one of us just might not be here next year to celebrate Resurrection Sunday.  WOW ! ! that was a definite eye opener.

This service was so spectacular and powerful that the local News station was there to report on the event that brought out over 20,000 people.

20,000-Person Easter Services Reflect “Immense Significance” of Holiday

Click on the videos above and watch it for yourself.  You can also visit the church website and possibly order the sermon and have it delivered to you.  You should hear this word from the Lord.



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